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Berendsen Cleanroom Services Ltd.

Berendsen Cleanroom Services handle everything from purchasing, stocking, and decontaminating to replacing, maintaining, and delivering all cleanroom solutions. We provide 360° cleanroom contamination control solutions for our customers. With decades of experience within the cleanroom industry we are the optimal partner for you and all our services are integrated into a total solution for your benefit, and combine to form and support a long-lasting partnership.

We are able to offer you a solution tailored to your individual needs due to a unique combination of experience and innovation that lies at the heart of Berendsen Cleanroom Services.

Our cleanroom garments can be used in numerous situations - all ISO classes of cleanroom production, Electrostatic Discharge Protective Areas (EPA), areas with special protection requirements, such as handling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in biosafety areas, danger of fire and explosions, chemical and fine powder hazard, cytotoxic production, operating theatre areas, clinics and laboratories, etc. Moreover, we offer a selection of cleanroom undergarments for extra protection under the coverall. We have developed a special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solution for producers and researchers dealing with hazardous liquids or powders, active pharmaceutical ingredients, cytotoxic materials, etc.

All our cleanroom garments, consumables and other services meet a range of requirements for cleanrooms and controlled environments in regards to contamination control, ESD control and microbiological requirements, as described in the international standards of organisations such as ISO, CEN and IEST. We are also ISO 4 and ISO 7 fully compliant with our Quality Management System (QMS), which is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and our processing cleanrooms conform to ISO 14644 requirements.

Berendsen offers MicronSwep™ - a complete cleaning concept where mops of fine polyester capture and retain particles, thus minimising contamination. The complete system includes mops, wipes, trolleys, trays, sieves, sweepers and more - all of which can be sterilised for maximum contamination control.

Berendsen Goggles are cleaned, packed and gamma irradiated and retains its visual transmittance through a life span of 20 irradiation cycles. It has a Berendsen bespoke anti-fraying strap, oversized indirect vents to limit fogging and improve air flow. The shroud is custom designed to accommodate prescription glasses yet fits flush and comfortably on the contours of the face.

Our high performance Cleanroom Flexi Mat system prevents up to 99.9% of foot and airborne contaminants from entering or exiting your critical control points. The high surface energy attracts, collects and retains dirt, dust and bacteria between cleaning. This ensures that contamination from feet to your cleanroom or controlled environment is minimised.

Our customers say they chose Berendsen because:
• We are a single supplier of all services
• The benefit of money and time savings
• Focus on service, quality and compliance at every level
• The steps taken to minimise impact on the environment.
• A track record of innovation and investment
• Credible disaster recovery plan among 12 cleanroom plants in Europe
• Garment circulation control

By letting Berendsen handle all your cleanroom needs, you can focus on what you do best - your core business.

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