Shaun Stevens

EPS Water

Shaun is the General Manager a Business Development Manager for EPS Water, the UK arm of the Irish-based EPS Group of companies. He has a degree in Environmental Engineering, a Diploma in International Selling and 24 years’ experience in the water and wastewater sector.

Shaun leads EPS’s UK teams with overall responsibility for business strategy and growth, customer stakeholder management, proposals, supply chain engagement and resourcing. He has played a key role in bringing EPS’s digital and off-site proposition to the UK water sector and in developing Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DFMA) projects and Standard Product programmes for EPS’s water company clients.

Shaun is also an International Business Mentor for British Water and Chair of the Hampshire Water Hub.

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Transforming Water Sector Project Delivery Using Digital and Off-Site Techniques

The UK water sector is moving towards a delivery model based on the principles of digital design and delivery management, BIM and off-site construction. This presentation will examine the progress being made on this journey by the water companies and supply chain, and will share examples of completed larger-scale DFMA projects in the UK and beyond, where this approach has yielded genuine tangible benefits and delivery efficiencies.


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